How do i create a consultant profile?

Follow these six tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile as an independent consultant, write a compelling headline. Therefore, consulting firms are more interested in the achievements made in a particular job. The next step is to use your creative mind and tell your audience a compelling story about your company's brand, mission, vision and objectives. However, for everyone who doesn't have this advantage, we offer a comprehensive review of your resume in three rounds by a former MBB consultant, who will work with you to make your resume the best it can be.

Write down the main achievements of your company if you already have a consolidated consulting company for many years. It would be a big mistake: the requirements of a management consulting curriculum are very specific and require you to start from scratch with a new document. In this section, you aim to demonstrate that you have developed both a general familiarity with how the business world works in practice and a set of specific skills that would be useful in the field of consulting. Plus, consulting resumes are very industry-specific, so you really need to find someone with consulting experience to get really useful feedback.

However, we have noticed that some candidates, especially those with quantitative training, are a little confused when it comes to writing with the precision required by a management consulting curriculum. Achievements show how you managed to harness your skills to make an impact, which is precisely what consulting is all about. You can imagine that writing a management consulting resume is a positive task that consists of drawing up the document itself. In general, and this applies to all sections, not just education, information should be included only to the extent that it is relevant to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to work in consulting.

Crucially, what determines the perfect management consulting resume is what the recruiter wants to see.

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