Who is the world's highest paid consultant?

Below, we break down the 25 highest-paying boutique consulting firms, based on compensation data from Management Consulteed's MBAs. Capgemini is a French boutique consulting firm based in Paris. Capgemini Invent is the innovation and digital transformation brand of the Capgemini group, which combines elements such as strategy, data science and creative design to advise clients. MasterCard Advisors is a boutique consulting firm specializing in providing services to financial institutions.

It focuses mainly on consulting payment strategies and customer loyalty. While all boutique consulting firms in this country offer high starting salaries, three firms stand out as the best-paying boutique consulting firms. Altman Solon is the largest boutique consulting firm in the world and focuses exclusively on telecommunications, media and technology (TMT). Research the average salary in your area for a person with your knowledge and level of experience to get a more accurate picture of how well you are paid.

When asked how well they are paid compared to people who have similar jobs at other companies, Cornerstone Research employees felt that they were the ones receiving the fairest compensation. Using that data set, the team identified the highest-paid types of consultants based on their average annual salaries. George Bryant is the highest-paid marketing consultant in the world and has grown two companies to reach one billion and others to reach 100 million. If you are looking for a well-paid, performance-oriented professional career that also allows you to focus on specific areas of specialization or interest, then a career as a consultant in a boutique consulting firm is what you are looking for.

That's why, if you'd like to work as a consultant, it's useful to have an idea of the types of highest-paid consultants so you can plan your professional evolution.

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