What makes a good consulting team?

Qualities of a good consultant Demonstrable depth of experience. The depth of a good consultant's experience should be evident from the first conversation you have with a potential client. Be a team player Developing a collaborative relationship with your peers and clients is essential to being a great consultant. Working well with others not only strengthens your skills, it can also enable your consulting to grow.

The personnel industry is a rapidly changing market. We also work in IT, a super-fast, candidate-driven market. With more than 10 years of experience, we know better than anyone what it takes to be a sales consultant. All teams benefit from diversity, but good consultants also have some things in common.

Are you a highly qualified consultant? Check out these 8 qualities. He has a lot of experience. He has deep knowledge (not just years of experience) in his specialty, which is evident. He has done dozens of projects for a variety of clients.

He has taken (or leads) classes and seminars. Continue to learn about your area of expertise. In addition to the numerous types of consulting, there is also a need to consider the size of the consulting firm you are going to join. In short, as a consultant, you are results-oriented, you are a good network writer, you are persuasive, entrepreneurial, resilient, eager to learn, practical and proactive.

More than ten years ago, I founded an agency that represents consulting rock stars and, ever since, I have been compiling a list of qualities. However, always striving to obtain the status of a trusted advisor, even if it's not a realistic possibility with a given client, will make you a consulting force to be reckoned with. Simply put, a consulting rock star is someone who loves helping clients succeed, does what it takes to do so, keeps their word, manages expectations effectively, and produces quality work. Of course, you can say the same for any type of consultant who deals with detailed work, whether it's accounting, IT, engineering, or management consulting, among others.

You may have noticed that the consulting industry is filled with high-achieving people from top schools with excellent grades and interesting work experience. If you're new to a consulting company and you're still learning the ins and outs, a final year student can explain a situation to you, explain problems, possible solutions, and do everything they can, except put words in your mouth. While there is no doubt that you need to be an expert in all Microsoft trades (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), the consultants who get the best results always have an area in which they really excel, in which there is a lot of demand and that no one else seems to have. A successful consultant asks important questions and isn't afraid to inform the client about any situation, even if it's not necessarily comfortable to deal with.

If consulting is an area that interests you, keep in mind that, regardless of the discipline, it is a people-driven business and that, by having and developing key characteristics, you can have a long, rewarding and successful career.

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