Is 30 too late for consulting?

Entering consulting with a doctorate at age 30 is not a barrier to entering consulting. Candidates with advanced degrees seeking a career change can generally enter consulting at the same level as an MBA. Candidates who have graduated from the MBA are usually in their twenties and have between three and five years of work experience. I obtained my accounting degree in China and worked for Deloitte for a year as an auditor; then I moved to South Africa and worked as an accounting manager in a commercial bank for 4 years; later, 2 years of experience as a financial director in a real estate development company; finally, 2 years as a corporate finance supervisor in a multinational logistics company.

You could apply directly to credit-related positions at the IB, such as DCM or LevFin, but I think your chances would be better if you first had experience in corporate banking at a larger company. I want to know if it's too late to try to join boutique investment banking firms at 29 with a degree in finance and a master's degree in investment banking (there is an institute in Spain that offers this master's degree).

Chelsey Beland
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